Say Bye – Bye To Hyper Acidity Forever

Fight Against Hyper Acidity

What ?

This is definition of Hyper Acidity as we know it and believe it. ” Hyper acidity is a common condition wherein a person experiences some stomach discomfort after eating a meal, due to the excessive production of acid during the digestion process. A person may also experience a bloated feeling or some “gasiness,” which can lead to flatulence, belching, or both. A bit of sourness in the mouth may also be tasted, along with an aftertaste of what had been eaten after one burps. Hyper acidity, also known as acid dyspepsia, can also cause other discomforts, such as appetite loss, vomiting, and constipation.”

But this is NOT THE WHOLE PICTURE.  When you deeply think on it, it feels a bit incomplete because we were born without hyper Acidity, we were good till a certain age and then suddenly some day we started this problem. So we did something different and wrong which has caused this problem. It’s not the excessive production of acids in our stomach that has caused the acidity it’s the lack of Alkaline minerals which are suppose to balance the pH have decreased drastically. Junk and fast food, Reverse Osmosis Water (mineral free water), chemicals, toxins, chlorine, etc have been added to our diet and the fresh fruits, vegetables, good quality water have taken the back seat. So it’s Actually HYPO ALKALINITY that is the real problem.

Why ?

Hyper Acidity problem has increased a lot in the last decade because of the change in our lifestyle changes. The fast foods have increased, with increases in processed foods, chemicals have increased in out diet as almost all packed foods use artificial flavours, colours, preservatives, etc. Hyper Acidity is the first signal of the body that something is going wrong in our routine, but instead of acting and correcting the mistake we are suppressing it with medicines and other similar things. But not thinking about why we are having the problem and act by fighting or removing the problem from the root. Hyper Acidity is the first step and then later it leads to other major problems like diabetes, blood pressure, heart attacks, lipid imbalance and even cancer. It’s simple and logical that how this happens, when we disturb a process and then try to suppress it with external things like antacids, we create a very complex challenge for the body. It has to store the acids which were suppressed and then even manage the functions which were assigned to that acid. In doing this body starts hiding mistakes and create cascading problems. The stored acid moves around in the body making fat difficult to dissolve as fat is fatty acids, and acids are not soluble in acidic mediums creating lipid problems and the blood pressure problems. This causes obesity and increasing burden of weight causes diabetes and thyroid problems and in the end when the body’s defences are low the cancer cells take over and affect it body to and irreversible situation. So acting on the root causes at the right time can be very important if we consider an effect of hyper Acidity problems.


There are simple and effective ways to prevent and even get from hyper acidity if you can just change your wrong lifestyle and pay attention on the few of the below things.

  1. Drink lot of water as water is the most important part of the exchanges that happen in our body, it regulates the temperature, it dilutes waste making it easier for the kidney to flush out, it keeps the blood consistency at optimum level, etc. E.g.: the water in the body is like the coolant in the car, it keeps check of the rise in heat and keeps it below the damage limit, similarly water cleans and flushes out toxins, nitrates and wastage from our body. Consuming Alkaline water it the best thing we can do, it has Alkaline minerals, Anti oxidant properties which lows the ageing process and the structure is such the it is easily absorbed by the tissues, cells, molecules, etc. which re-hydrate you make body functions easier.
  2. Eat healthy and natural food as far as possible. The high intake of grains, meat, fried food or starchy food with very less intake of fibers and nutrient makes it difficult for the body to process and every process causes acid formation in our body which creates a pressure on our body. But fruits, vegetables, sprouts, etc have high nutrients as well as easier to digest with lot of fibers which cleanses the body and make it work at optimum level.
  3. Take a good sleep as the recovery of the body happens when we are asleep, so it is very important for us to take a good 6 – 8 hours of sleep.
  4. Do some exercise, make it a habit to at least sweat once in a day. Mix up your work outs with cardio, flexibility and muscle training.
  5. Meditate for 15 – 30 mins daily. In meditation we remove lot of CO2 which makes us clean and increases our oxygen carrying capacity.

By Alkwa

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